Our Staff

Our team conducts a full follow-up on telephones and medical assessments to make sure that Detox treatment fully meets the patient's personal and medical needs. Our team plans a custom aftercare program specially designed for our patients.

CEO Message

Still Behavioral Health Group provides world-class treatment in guiding those struggling with behavioral health issues into a new mind, body, and spirit. 

We facilitate emergency detox admission, where required. Still Detox supports you with a full rehab program, mutual aid program, or therapeutic aftercare.

We can help you utilize detox as a springboard for full recovery and rehabilitation from addiction and reclaim your life.


We’re proud to deliver unparalleled levels of personal care from our experienced, discreet, and professional staff. We believe all work must enhance the capabilities of ourselves and those we work with. We are humble about what we know, learn from our mistakes, and continuously strive to deepen our knowledge and understanding of our work and the world around us. We embrace innovation and remain adaptive to new evidence-based developments in this field.

Nicholas Hailey

CEO Still Detox

Our Experts

Shannon Wagner

Clinical Director

Dr. Gladys Martinez

Medical Director

Judith Strouse

Director of Nursing

Katie Peterson

Case Managment

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